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May 01, 2011



Tribal Flower Tattoos: A guide to understand yourself better.

Amongst the wide range, it’s the Hawaiian Flower Tattoos that have been opted much. The Hawaiian Flower Tattoos offer a unique way to an individual to express himself. They are usually done in tribal form, with dark lines and heavy inks. Lei is the popular Hawaiian flower tattoo designs. It showcases colorful little flowers, known for being worn around the neck of visitors to the islands, are an even stronger symbol of hospitality. The other well-liked Hawaiian Flower Tattoos designs, which are well accepted by tattoo lovers, are hibiscus and orchid.

Indian Tribal Tattoo - A valid reason to be a tattoo lover

Some people view Indian tribal tattoo as an art form. Indian Tribal tattoo is an abstract art for the skin, which are usually solid black. They are unique in its approach. The wide collection of these Indian tribal tattoos is available in varied colors, designs and range. There unique and different Indian designs fetch lots of Indian tattoo lovers towards the art of tattooing. It is the uniqueness of Indian tribal tattoos design that transforms a non-tattoo lover to a tattoo lover. Like its name, Indian tribal tattoos, it also gives an individual a chance to shower an unconditional love and affection towards his country.

Tribal Letter Tattoo- makes you trendy and stylish

Tattoo lovers often use Tribal Letter Tattoo as a means to express their individuality. These Tribal tattoos are available in varied hues and range. The artists use small needles covered with ink to pierce the skin and color it. This eventually leaves a creative design on the body. These Tribal tattoos like other ones are generally form of abstract art for the skin, which is usually solid black. Tribal Letter Tattoos make tattoo lover look different from others both in style and personality. In other words, these tattoos play an integral role in making a person look fashionable. It is quite common to find tattoo lovers using them as a mode of portraying their love towards their loved ones.

Tribal Sun Tattoo – Mostly preferred design by tattoo lovers

Tribal Sun Tattoo designs are commonly used by tattoos lovers as one of the effective methods to express their individuality.  These tattoos involve a method of placing colored pigment into the skin with a needle, leaving an image or logo on their skin. The very idea of placing ‘Sun’ in the body makes it more demanding. A tattoo lover has the advantage of picking any Sun Tattoo design of his or her own choice. Sun Tattoo is one of the preferred designs of most of the tattoo lovers.

Tribal Heart Tattoos – A unique way of expressing individuality

Tribal Heart Tattoos have a good appeal to create artwork on the body of a tattoo lover. There are numerous tribal heart tattoos designs available in the market. In other words, the wide range of tribal heart tattoos both in design and colors easily fetch tattoo admirers. Heart Tattoos are mostly loved and appreciated by young tattoo lovers. Most of the lovers consider these tattoos as one of the best means of showcasing their love and admiration towards their lovers. It differentiates them from others and put in the category of those who are in love. These heart tattoos are generally form of abstract art for the skin, which are usually solid black.

Tribal Superman Tattoos - A reason to flaunt

Tribal Superman Tattoos are available in different designs and colors. The popularity of these tattoos has increased because of word ‘Superman’ which attracts lot of tattoo lovers. The inimitability in the designs of Tribal superman tattoos makes it one of the well-admired tattoos. A tattoo lover can go for any Superman Tattoo on his body. There might be a possibility that a particular design doesn’t suit both his personality and style. To avoid such situation tattoo lover is put on the benefit of testing various Superman Tattoos of his own choice. These superman tattoos are usually male’s favorite as it gives them the chance to flaunt their bold and daring attitude.

Tribal Rose Tattoos - Initiates Love

Tribal Rose Tattoos are formed effectively by marking the skin with colors emplaced by a needle. In other words, Tribal rose tattoos offer different yet interesting way to express yourself. These tattoos have become more famous among youngsters who use them as one of the effective means to showcase their unconditional love towards their loved ones.. A tattoo lover can go for any Rose Tattoo on his body. These are usually liked by young lovers who believe in the art of love and prefer expressing it in a very rosy way.

Having the right black tattoo ink pigments is more of a challenge than artists originally foresee. There are many different uses for black tattoo ink pigments and finding the best tattoo ink for the job requires experience and knowing the products. You also need to be prepared for what tattoo style you may be requested to complete as a tattoo artist.

The first tattoo style that you will need a pigment for definitely is for lining tattoos with black tattoo ink. The tattoo pigment required for lining a tattoo is usually has a thinner consistency so you can work the lines in easily before you color the tattoo in. A lining black tattoo ink is usually made specifically, like INTENZE Lining Black which is available at  There are even now color lining inks which allow you to line your tattoo in color ensuring a completely color outcome in your tattoo without black tattoo ink lines in it.

The next tattoo style that will require the best black tattoo ink will be a deep, dark, black tattoo ink with dimension to it. This can be for tribal tattoo work or filled in areas of black tattoo ink pigment. For this you will need a thicker tattoo ink pigment that can work smoothly into the skin at the same time. Using a Zuper Black for deep black and fill ins or the all new Suluape Black from INTENZE products is recommended black tattoo inks for use in tribal tattoo work.

As you advance your tribal and deep black skills you will also need to use black tattoo ink for shading of your tattoos as well. Black and white portraits are an example of using a black to shade in your tattoo. This style of work can also be referred to as black and grey tattoo work. The tattoo ink pigments you use will certainly affect the outcome of your tattoo work. Try to find a thinner consistency pigment, but not as thin as a lining black tattoo ink for example. You can even take a thicker black and thin the consistency with an INTENZE shading solution formula available at  If you want a very specialized formula you can also check out the Bob Tyrrell Advanced Black and Grey Tattoo Ink available from INTENZE. This set offers instructions on use and the best way to achieve the best black tattoo ink shading. This allows you to customize the shade of black tattoo pigment that you want making it as light or as close to dark as you want.

When it comes to black tattoo ink it doesn't hurt to have some variations of the shading available for any case that might come about. It is better to be over-prepared with your black tattoo ink needs than under-prepared when a tattoo client walks through the doors of your shops. Go get your black tattoo inks and you can take on any creative challenge!

Tattoo Blog

Funky hair-styles, body-piercing and tattoos are the statement of the youth (also quite a few grownups). Everyone wants to stand apart from the crowd, and wants to be noticed and there are many ways to do it. Tattooing your body is just one of them. Some – get it done for shock value or to gain instant attention. Tattoos that proclaim rebellion through weird sketches or simply love for a sweetheart with a heart and arrow, you can wear your heart on your sleeve, quite literally! Tattoos allow you to get in touch with the playful, creative side of your personality; they even given you a platform to vent your anguish.

But do they have any relevance in present-day society? You bet. Just think about it. If you have ancestry dating back to the aboriginals in Australia you actually get to flaunt your heritage.

As we all know, tattooing has come to be regarded as an art form. Body art is as popular a medium as any other form of art. What used to be common back-alley practice viewed with suspicion and riddled with scorn is now held in high regard.

Other important benefits of Tattooing are that it helps to camouflage bad skin and baldness; it is also known to hike self-esteem (especially in women) and boost confidence. In addition, it helps foster a spirit of unity or belongingness. Yet, permanent tattooing is not without its drawbacks. Tattooing has been held as the number one culprit for spreading the deadly hepatitis C virus, just to quote one instance.

Most tattooists are not fully aware of the toxic levels of the dyes and chemicals used during the tattooing process. Sure, your tattooist may be consistently sterilizing his needles and putting on disposable gloves, but he may not be necessarily addressing the toxicity of the dyes being used. Please be warned that ‘unprocessed' dyes and colors can give you an HIV infection, leprosy and melanoma, not to mention ulcers and a host of skin problems.

When you walk into that popular tattoo parlor in your neighborhood, the next time,  you will need to pre-ensure that its owners follow the health and hygiene regulations strictly. Or, even better, you can go in for temporary tattoos.

Just think about it: do you really need those heavy bandages to restrict your movement, even as you long to scratch those inaccessible, itchy spots? Do you really want to feel anxious of thinking what disease you may have contracted because of the foreign element that just entered your body?

Consider another fact: the permanent tattoo proclaiming your ex-love will hardly be a pleasant sight to your current love interest. Worse, you could be rejected for a coveted job just because your interviewer does not approve of the flashy markings that Tattoo lends to your personality. More alarming- certain symbols might get misinterpreted in other cultures and unknowingly, you could become the needless victim of a hate crime. What do you do in such cases? Go in for an expensive and extremely painful laser removal solution? Or the even steeper intense pulsed light therapy?

The good news is that there are much cheaper and absolutely painless alternatives available. These are-as you know them- temporary tattoos. As the name suggests, temporary tattoos do not have a lasting effect on the skin. Because the dyes used are just stuck on the skin with the help of Skin-Friendly glue, tattooing becomes a painless exercise. Temporary tattooing is also considered safer compared to the real thing although reservations have been expressed in certain quarters.

Consistently rising in popularity is the airbrush mode of temporary tattooing. The basic principle in operation here is placing a stencil over the skin patch, which is filled by the paint from the Airbrush Gun. Also, the same stencil may be used for Temporary Henna Tattoos as well as Glitter Tattoos.

What are the advantages of temporary tattooing? Firstly, it is absolutely painless even though the airbrush instrument points towards you rather threateningly like a real tattoo gun.

Temporary tattooing is also comparatively much safer, as the colors are painted on the skin and not under it. This means that you won't get pus or blood oozing out from various spots in your skin. Make sure you approach someone who enjoys a good reputation in the business.

These Fake Tattoos can be self applied on any part of your body. You can buy any ready available design of Tattoos, and water transfer it over your skin. The Temporary Tattoos, other than Water Transfer variety, are available as Glitter Tattoos and Crystal tattoos. You just need to peel them off their backing paper, and apply anywhere on your body. The best part is, if you buy these tattoos from a reputed company, the adhesive used is also completely safe for skin.

Lastly, you can remove the temporary tattoos at will with the help of oil or cream. Most temporary tattoos will stay on for week or so and gradually fade away.

So, make your decision: do you now want to go through agonizing pain just to get that permanent splash of color (that you might want to remove later) on your body and remain bandaged for days with the possibility of getting infected?

O yeah....temporary tattoos are just a fraction of cost of a permanent tattoo