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June 01, 2011

The physician who delivered lady Gaga in 1986 disputes the allegations implied in Gaga's current hit single and album "Born This Way."


The physician who delivered Lady Gaga (born Stefani Joanne Germanotta) says that despite the title of the pop diva’s top-selling album and song, Gaga was not, in fact, “born this way.”

Dr. Leon Blumenfeld, the obstetrician who delivered baby Gaga on March 28, 1986 in New York City says that the singer was a “perfectly ordinary, healthy 8 lb. 12 oz. baby” whose hair was “sparse, wild and unkempt like most newborns but was definitely not dyed pure white or neon yellow.”

Dr. Blumenfeld also said that Germanotta was born nude and not wearing “a leather and metal stud bikini” or any of the other outfits Gaga is known to wear, and that while she did flail about somewhat after birth she certainly didn’t perform a professionally choreographed dance number.

Blumenfeld said that Gaga’s face was pink and soft at birth, and that “She certainly wasn’t born with all that shit on her face.”

Regarding her voice, Blumenfeld said that hers was an unpleasant, unusually loud and piercing cry.

“Now that I think about it,” said the doctor, “Her voice may be the one area where she’s telling the truth about being born that way.”