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October 23, 2009


Okay, so now I know what I would do if faced with a situation that could benefit me.
My wife and I went to our bank last night to sign papers renew our mortgage. The rates had gone up since I was sent my renewal papers, but I was assured over the phone that I was to get the lower rate, because I was within 30 days. My wife and I were greeted at the bank by a nice fellow who's name I couldn't pronounce (Kiwakkee Akdusomething it said on his name tag), which was okay, because he couldn't pronounce very many english words either. We were told that we were going to sign papers that were .5% higher than what we will actually get, and they would adjust it at the mortgage centre later. When we told him we weren't signing anything unless the promise of the lower rate was in writing, he got on the phone, and the person on the other end instructed him to simply put the going rate on the page, and then a less a .5% discount underneath it. We were okay with that, and so after 15 minutes of him trying to figure out how to print the documents, he gave us the sheets to sign. I noticed that underneath the posted rate was a 1.5% reduction printed there instead of .5%. Do I say something? Even after a 5 minute session turning into an hour long affair? Hasn't the bank raped me enough of my hard earned money over the years? If I say nothing and just sign it, won't someone at the mortgage centre who can add and subtract properly discover the mistake anyway? What would you do? If I get at least 2 responses, I will post what I decided to do. Thanks in advance for your reading.