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March 29, 2009


I know why the robin sings; or something like that...it's because money is going out of style. It's like that dress you still have in your closet that you bought for your close friends wedding that you weren't crazy about but it hid the fact that at the time of the happy event you had more "handles" than a millionaires kitchen This is why even rich folks are busted too. Who wants to be the last one on the block without a flat screen tv? Flat accounts and wallets are hot! I just wish that instead of money being passe it would have been that gosh-darn giraffe print bag that every woman and girl between 12 and 85 is dragging around
this lazy southern town!
Oh, that was "caged bird" ; I tend to forget things that strike a cord in my own experience.
Experience,not Experian- ah; screw them they are so out of fashion!