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Published November 15, 2013


The Gettysburg Address


NOVEMBER 15TH, 2013 12:45

The Gettysburg Address

I don’t know about you but I did not know it will be the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address on Tuesday. But I’m in Birmingham England, just so USA visitors to this site know I’m not stupid, or too stupid. Seems to me though that they need a NEW Gettysburg Address. The GOP HATES Obama, I can see that on my tv, I don’t need to be over there to know this. Is it 40 or 50 times that Obama care has been drowned at Birth, or rather the GOP wants to do so. Over here the law is the law and you move on. Our Parliament voted not to join in military action over Syria and that was that. Over in the USA the GOP lost, but they try 40 or 50 times to say they hadn’t lost.

Everybody was full of hope the 1st time Obama was elected, now even though he won again  you have the debt crisis and Government shutdown. Should USA have a new Amendment to the Constitution, its just a big game of Russian Roulette. Little wonder everybody in USA thinks all politicians are jerks. Could you change the Constitution  so government works better?

Another point is that nobody votes, or GOP governors make it harder for Democrats to vote, by playing with polling times, Democrats are poorer and have to work more shifts etc, so if you cut the polling times less of them can vote. Though only 50% of the population  bother to vote, which means IF its a tight race only  just over 1/2 of the people have actually voted somebody in. So out of the total population only 25% actually support the winner.

Little wonder there is no respect for the President, or could it be just plain old fashioned Racism.

As for Obama care, I’d love for it to work. However it sucks. The computer system should have been right in the first place, a 2nd grader would tell you that, however its Drug/Insurance companies vested interests that he fighting against. I am so glad to live over here in UK, as NHS is a treasure, we have problems with it, but its free at point of use. NHS saved my dad’s life back in 1996, he was in hospital for 3 months. I dare to think of the cost in USA. Not to think of the costs in USA for medicine and dental. In the future I may need a hip op too, I imagine I could never afford that if I lived in the USA.

I also see on the USA news that Obama is called Socialist and worse. I’d say its just Christian charity, or Jewish/Islamic/Agnostic charity to help the weak in any society. That is not an ISM to be hated and despised, it should be something that is aspired too. Though just in case you think I’m giving Obama a blank cheque I am not, he is too much like a university Don, he seems too detached. He should have achieved so much more. He won the Peace Prize though History will remember him for his Kill List.

However IF John Kerry does finally pull something off with Iran THEN Obama will have earned his Peace Prize, I should add the more I hear from Kerry the more I think USA missed a good President in him. But what of  Gettysburg? It was a bloodbath, I’ve just had a look on the Internet, though it would takes weeks of study, years even to speak with authority on the subject. BUT I can say America needs a new turning point, American needs to lift the spirit of its people again. I don’t need to say why. So much anger and hate, so much division in Politics.

I grew up in the 1960/70s we had Apollo, Ali, Beatles, Kennedys, 1968 Olympics, Flower Power, FUN. That was then and what do we have now, Miley Cyrus, who has a great voice, but not enough money to buy some clothes.  What America needs is to reinvent itself for the 21st Century,  to have passion and mission. Perhaps we should search the oceans’ floor, we know next to nothing about the Deep. So much energy seems to be spent on dividing the USA, which still IS a beacon to the rest of the world.  So come on America, put Love back in your Life and in Politics,

So that in Lincoln’s words  ”government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”


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