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July 13, 2009


The rules for this game are v simple. Each couple of days day(which is when i can be bothered) I will proffer up 3 words for anyone who can be bothered to use in a well-constructed yet ingeniously witty sentence.(you can add any other words you want to these to make your sentence but all 3 of the words in any order must appear in your prose. You are only allowed one sentence per entry although you may enter as many times as you like(said the bishop to the nun)
The winner will receive mad props, worldwide street cred and everlasting life and possibly a goat.

Today's 3 words are....Nordic, Oscillate and Cucumber...

To kick off if it's cool I'll select the first winner then the winner gets to select the next winner....
Comp closes tomorrow!!!! Get prosing

Thankyou all for havin a go at this!!!

This times winner is   

Ossil ate no cucumber nor dick while at the party. christopher7murphy...the props the life and the goat are all yours....congrats....Loved everyone's caps all very extremely strange this one stood out purely because i am imagining some poor person called Osscil...awesome...Dude if you want you can carry the gavel for the next diversion and mail me your pick....well done everyone...wicky wicky word up