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February 12, 2010


Okay...so Nigel has to do a presentation using products from "As Seen On TV", and he's going to do some slapstick with a coworker regarding the "slap chop", which is fine. Then, he tells me that what he's thinking of doing with a "sham-wow" is filling a bowl with Coke (ca-cola folks), and then letting the "sham-wow" absorb it and then squeeze it out into his mouth drinking the Coke. I quickly pointed out to him that the "sham-wow" most likely has chemical compounds that are toxic and that he shouldn't do that. Now, he's angry at me for not appreciating his idea. You know, I should have let the fucker do it! In retrospect, it could have helped things along quite a bit...as I have taken a shine to someone new :) gush IF you have what you think is a brilliant idea, and someone lets you know BEFORE the ambulance has to come and you have to get your stomach pumped, that you might want to think it through a little more...you appreciate that? Right? You don't get all snarky and defensive when someone who for all but one intensive purpose wants you dead, but tries to save your life by pointing it out any way. No good deed, folks, no good deed....