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July 28, 2008


No I'm lying about the blog title just to get some of yall to read my blog that's if some of yall into reading people blogs. Me? I'm not much into typing story and things on blogs and bulletins even on Myspace or YouTube but on Funny or Die it's honestly alot better doing it on here cause I get alot of views, more respect and most of all comments and I thank yall for that to.

Oh and did I tell yall I got a Truck for my Birthday :-)

My Truck I got for my Birthday thanks to the family

Sorry for the blur on the pictures the HTML on the images or not all that but it will do but yeah for the people who tell taken the bus two words "HA HA" Cause in New Jersey the bus Transit sucks ass I won't tell you the details on how but all I can say it does.

But besides that I really did have a wonderful Birthday and thanks to you guys in the Birthday comments it made my day better :-) oh and also you know our next video probably go be next month right? I'm not gonna tell ya what it's gonna be about and when is it gonna be like I just finished writing down the story and stuff so i guess some thats really anna see more of our new coming videos will just have to wait.

You know people in our locaton, Internet, Family and Friends has all heard and see our videos. I get so hyped about it cause we are getting known and just to hear they say how funny it is and what part's they like it's real nice to hear that, just so you'll know we won't stop making videos till our hearts stops beating cause doing this is real fun and we want more people to view and comment on the videos and someday be the hottest comedy sketch videos ever, but on Funny or Die there's some really funny ass videos which I can't compete against and yall have someĀ  really have funny and well put together videos you guys.

I looooooooooooove Funny or Die!!! well I love the people on Funny or Die I like how active and talkative yall are better then some of those stuck up people on You Tube or Myspace why try so hard to Promote or videos and yet they most don't even bother to go look at it but here. I don't have to say much just random people coming threw and comment on them and vote now that's the people i respect and for some people that hating on our videos but yet they don't have no videos two words " F**k you" cause more people love it and we gonna stay on top no matter what you think of us.

But yeah that is all I have to say for today I'm a little tired and wanna go rob somebody for they're Cheese Burger alright people of FOD love ya