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March 14, 2009


I'm sure that is the wrong title for this film as I have yet to quote it properly. I saw the movie last night, and was fairly disgusted for the first part, titilated by the second and almost moved to a clownfaced tear by the last four minutes. I'm a parent, so I am not fond of the beginning of the film as it involves the rape/torture of a couple of young girls and it's not pleasant and not entertaining in the least, so I actually thought about leaving (which I haven't done since 1990's Medicine Man with a pony tailed, beligerent Sean Connery and honk nosed voice Soprano lady Lauren something) ... ANYWAYS! I was contemplating leaving when the tide finally turned and the parents of one of the girls get their chance to peter out some justice. Now, I give snaps to the director for the hilarious and fitting death of Francis, the wierdo, extra points for the good doc squeezing his already broken nose bloody to prevent some screaming, two thumbs up. The gun shot through the eye was pretty awesome, although somewhat anticlimatic...thought she could have suffered a bit more, but she was some nasty work and maybe faster was better. Those last moments though, with the contrasting whimsical views of wind chimes, birdhouses against the head being ceremoniously blowed up in the microwave... It was bittersweet, and appropriate, but it's just that I see a few places that could have been improved. The parents could have stood to have a bit more sadness/anger with one another. There was some very subtle tension, which I liked, but I think there should have been some more explosive family re-bonding in these circumstances. It should have been more apparant that there was an axe to grind. Also, I'm not fond of the lack of suffering with microwave guy. Frankly, I would have burned off his genitals with acid, stuffed them in his mouth and taped it up before allowing the daughter to push the "cook" button, but that's just me...also, the doctor explained that he had surgically paralyzed him because somehow he didn't have any rope or tape, so taping his dick in his mouth might have caught him in a lie...I Just thought they owed him a bit more of a learning experience.