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September 29, 2008


On Wednesday, John McCain announced that he was bravely embarking on a dangerous mission, in which he would fly into Washington DC to save the bailout before it's too late. In light of the three planes he lost while a pilot in the Navy, we should know by now that when John McCain says he's "flying in" anywhere, everybody better hit the frigging deck.

It appears that McCain's bailout mission was just a little less successful than his last bombing mission over North Viet Nam, when he was shot down and held prisoner for five and a half years in a POW camp. Except this time, it was the bailout package that got stripped naked and both arms broken. And according to many accounts, it was John McCain doing the arm-breaking.

One can only wonder, when John McCain got on that plane to the nation's Capitol only to destroy what many said was a plan near completion, was he seeking vengeance on a country that allowed him to wallow in agony for five-and-a-half years in that Hanoi pit of hell? And now that the bailout is begging for mercy, will anyone draw a cross in the sand at Henry Paulson's feet? And before any more damage is done, can we please send a rescue mission into DC to get John McCain the hell out of there?!

One final question, and perhaps this is a stretch but maybe Lehrer might throw it out there at the debate tonight . Considering John McCain's record of accomplishment and the likelihood that the longer he stays in one place the more damage will be done, if McCain had been pulled out of Nam much earlier, would the Viet Nam conflict presently be sitting in our "win" column? Think it over while our democratic-capitalist system crumbles all around us over the next few days.


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