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September 15, 2009


The Story of Metal Hats.

Ok, so I'd been working on this caption contest thing like a dog for about a month and a half, and finally won with "Dateline: To Catch A Predator Predator" and FissureFilms sent me this:

I replied with some thing FissureFilms had won:

Titled "the smart bear runs", giving FissureFilm's then latest winner a hat cape and light sabre.

Later, 2 1/2 hours into a contest, I captioned something that FissureFilms did funnier, just before I did (which didn't show up for a few minutes due to the post lag).  I responded with a comment saying that I should wear a tinfoil hat, get out of my head, etc.  FissureFilms responded with this:

Which took my then avatar (a word which I hate) and put a tin foil hat on it.  I responded with this:

After which, I started making metal hats for anybody who wanted them.   They met with mixed results, one of the more mixed results (he wasn't happy till it was a DEVO hat)  was TheDIRTYMidget (TM) who I gave this:

Previously his avatar (gag reflex at the word) said "DIRTY".   I thought SHINY was better. 

Then this.

Chromedome O'brien.

Then this.


Several weeks passed, and I created what I consider to be the pinnacle of metal hats:

Then this.

Rosanne Rosanna SPARTA!

Then this:

I'm bringing Willie back.

New metal hat finding technology was created, which led to this:

Audrey Hatburn. Several weeks later someone wanted something related to Carmen MIranda, which created the new plymoth: 

Carmen Miranda: Suddenly You're in New Mars.

Now TheDIRTYmidget (tm) has taken up the bizzarre compulsion, by adding very great absurd text, and suddenly I have competition.  He gave me this: 

And that's the story of metal hats.  REmember it well, because this will all be on the test.

Metal Hats Will Outlive All Of Us Regards, mellowpuma