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September 17, 2014

When Nicolas Cage was just a boy he had one simple dream, to be in every single film ever made. Some said he was crazy and other also thought that but after years of hard work he has finally achieved that dream.

Last year Nicolas Cage (actor, producer and probably somewhere a folklore legend) starred in a mere 300 films, 200 off his usual quota. This year he has taken his desire to be in every film ever, one step further by retro actively appearing in films from the past. When asked about his decision to embed himself in films from yesteryears, Nicolas Cage said this,“Yesterday while filming several different films at once, I realised that even if I was to say only be in every film FROM NOW ON, there would still be THOUSANDS of films already made that do not have me in them and I could not ABIDE that! So I became RESOLVED to fix this issue via the use of CGI, Photoshop AND OF COURSE TIME TRAVEL”. Below are the results.

Nicolas Cage is the new Men in Black

Nicolas Cage is the New Men In Black.jpg

Nothing will stop Nicolas Cage from playing a part, not even race.

Citizen Nick

Citizen NICK.jpg

Nicolas seems content to just stand back and watch in this classic film.

Matching Men

Matching Men2.jpg

Sometimes one part just simply isn’t enough.

Nicolas Cage Can Hear You Scream in Space

Nick Alien:2.jpg

Nicolas Cage really burst onto the set in this one.

Transformers: Age of Cage


This one was an accident (he wanted to be in Transporter) even Nick has some standards.