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August 20, 2008


Anyone who has followed my ramblings knows I like, BIG, POWERFULL,STRONG things. Earthquakes make me horny, driving big gas guzzleing SUVs make me feel sexy, I fish on a hundred ft fishing boat.

I have surrvived a few things that should have killed me, 2 tornados passed over me one I was in a VW beetle under an overpass in texas in the sixties (this tale will be a full rage blog soon), the second last year when a big twister went through NSB and decided to consume my house, ($83,000.00 damage) where a hugh chunk of my neighbors roof came through my bedroom window taking a piece of my  ear befor embedding itself in the wall. Twice I've been shot, and knifed once. Thats enough of that, just trying to make a point I've stared death in the eye more times than most.

So, I was looking forward to this storm. I had plans to go out in it on the beach. I wanted to stand there and face the wind, rain and noise and experience it. My first big blow..

I was invited to a hurricain party by a friend who lives on the beach, and away I went armed with a bottle of Jim Beam and killer weed. We had dinner and I looked out the window and her palms were straight out in the wind, so I ventured forth...INTO NOTHING. THERE WAS NOTHING TO IT AT ALL. What a let down, for some reason the storm spun around New Smyrna. It just sit in Brevard county and raged all day (the county just south of us) , then spun around my town and raged for a few hours 30 miles above us in daytona. So I just ended up getting a little wet and salty.

Problem is I cant wish another hurricain to come this way. It is indiscremenent in who it does evil to. I WISH NO MISFORTUNE ON ANYONE.  That may have been the last time i get to experience this type of phenomenon. Oh well i did win the trivia persuit game,and I havent tried bull riding yet, hmmmmmm.