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July 28, 2008


...another blog. Just what I need. Another portal for me to splat the witless contents of my brain across a pixellated page like the gore in some crap zombie-movie. Or in a good porn one.

You know, sometimes I wish all you internet, webspace-creating nerds would stroll off and get yourselves a girlfriend to share. Or at least endulge in some sick, sordid circle of mutal-masturbation - anything to stop you spending your time making it this easy for me to get on here and make a worldwide arse of myself.

I'm a sucker for it. I'm like Eve with that tainted apple, or George Micheal with public conveniences, I just get this urge. It's no good for anyone. Not you, and certainly not me. But hey, we're here now.

I'm like that wretched dog that stinks like stale sex, whose ears you scratched in a moment of utter madness. Now the festering shag-pile won't leave you alone...he keeps jumping up at you. Oh great, now he's got his fucking lipstick out.

That's, er, like me.

Anyway, don't ask me why I've decided to do this. My opinion's worth less than a U.S dollar. I mean, David Beckham's more of a comedy guru than me, and we all know he's got nothing to smile about, right? The poor bloke can't even feed his wife.  But I'm bored, and too sore to...I'm just bored. So I'm going to get on here occassionally and plug some of my favourite clips. Clips that tore my arse to shribbons.

So, Another Bloke Called Paul's first edition of comedy picks (and probably my last. I've got an extremely boredom threshold) for anyone currently pissed off with me for having just wasted five minutes of their lives that they are never going to get back:

This, boys and girls, is stunning. I don't know how it hasn't been done before: Life With Ronnie

This next one is nothing particularly new, but if you haven't heard of the Flight of the Conchords yet, say hello to Osama for me. And Elvis. And stone-wash denim:

Finally, a bit of home-made comedy at its finest in RUMIEZ Episode 3

Sorry about the lack of embeddenment. Computers are the bain of my life. They may rise up one day and purge us all in some terminator-esque mass genocidal holocaust, but until then, I'm in charge. Do as I say, and I say embed.

Help! Nerds!