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July 30, 2009


Alright, so sorry for the long hiatus. Long story short, got burned out from all the kindergarten stuff that seems to go on on parts of this site while I was trying to change some things in my life, but long story short, I'm back, I'm writing again, and feel energized about that for the first time in a long while.

So what's a good topic to discuss for my quiet return to FoD.... hmm, I know.

Let's talk Somali Pirates. Shall we?

There are many things I understand about piracy in Somalia. I understand that outside of Afganistan this may be the premier shithole on the planet. Who knows it could be worse. At least the Afganis have that lovely pastime thats kind of like polo except instead of a ball, they play with a dead goat. I've never seen them playing anything in Somalia unless who can go the longest without dying from starvation is a game there. If so, they're very good. With that in mind, it's easy to see why the people there would build the most seaworthy vessel possible and head over the waves with a few guns to try to improve their situation.

Here's what I don't understand.

Why are they demanding money as ransom?

What good is money in a country of complete destitute poverty, starvation, and zero infrastructure. If there was a Target or a couple of Publix in Mogadishu, it would be completely different. Jump a French ocean liner, and three days later you're sitting on the couch eating steak & lobster with a nice selection of wine and ice-cold beer to wash it down with. At the end of the day, your family is no longer starving. It would be a very successful business model.

But according to both of those companies they do not have stores in Somalia, and when asked did not believe that building a store in Mogadishu, Somalia would be a profitable move for the company during these tough economic times. Fair enough.

Still, how much more sympathetic would Somalian pirates be if they jumped onto a cruise ship and instead of $5 million dollars, they demanded the buffet and a couple coolers of fresh water. Would Barrack Obama dispatch Navy Seals to deal with buffet pirates, I seriously doubt it. If anything, world aid organizations would ramp up their efforts. How terrible that these people have to resort to piracy for shrimp cocktails and contaminated salmon? We must not let this continue.

so the next question is, where's the stolen booty going? What can you buy in Somalia? What else... guns and bigger boats. You pirate to become a bigger pirate, basically. Even in a country with no economy, no financial system, where a sign of wealth is being alive past the age of 15, there is GREED. Somewhere out there right now, there's a somali pirate with three teeth, blind in one eye, and a body mangled by horrible nutrition thinking, "ya know, if I can just get myself a bigger boat, I could get more crewman, then I'd be able to go after the oil tankers.... Then, I'd be somebody."

That's humanity.

Good to be back. I have over 100 messages in my email box, I'll try to get to some of them, but I assume that in the last six months, some of them have become less timely, so I probably won't respond to everything.