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March 30, 2017

MemoryTag Greeting Cards have explored new ground in interactive video cards.

The response was so overwhelming, so mind-bogglingly-copasetic that MemoryTag Greeting Cards has opened another Grand Prize Sweepstakes Giveaway Contest searching for a soon-to-be lucky winner.

“This is our way of thanking our customers and new customers who have made us the Number One creative and video digital interactive greeting card company,” said MemoryTag owner Robert Beadles. “Our success in recent months has been stupendous. We owe it to all of you who have loved our cards and helped us revolutionize from what had been the ordinary greeting card….into something much much more.”

The last Giveaway Sweepstakes contest attracted 20,000 applicants and was won by John Lamano on Mar. 17. Lamano won $300 in cash and $100 in-store credit for purchases of MemoryTag cards and gifts.

The new contest which kicked off just days ago will once again award $400 to the lucky winner, a $300 cash prize and $100 in in-store purchases (cards and gifts). All you have to do to win is go to the link here and click on it http://memorytag.co/giveaways/win-300-and-100-in-store-credit/

Just answer a simple question on that link a question so simple even I understand it; give them your name and you’re in the running for the money (contest applies only for people in the U.S.).

The winner will be announced late in April.

The big card companies haul their truckloads of boring greeting cards to the grocery store and replace them in the rack next to the toilet paper, you know, the cards with the old sayings like “Happy Birthday,” and “Congratulations” and “Get Well,” and while there’s nothing wrong with that except the price tag of $7 for a boring same-kind-of-card you’ve gotten all your life….

While there’s nothing wrong with that, MemoryTag realized a greeting card being a piece of cardboard with the same old thing written on it could be so much more.

Our video viewable cards allow you to be the star of your own greeting card.

You download our app with your smartphone and record yourself saying whatever you want to say. You place your greeting on a patch on the card and the person who receives the card (who also downloads our app) opens the card, reads its message and sees you in the video-flesh—giving your greeting.

For the first time ever, a greeting card is not just something for anybody, but it’s you, in person—on the card.

MemoryTag pioneered the comedy greeting card.

We have more sayings on cards than you can imagine, like “I’m bat shit crazy over you.”

Where you gonna find a card that says something like that?

We’ve also become a comedy presence on Youtube, with videos that are to say the least, unusual. How about the dog that tilts his head in wonderment every time you say “MemoryTag:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3FRVvrhrUI

Or the “Little Sticky in the Big Race,” the animated story of three male sperms racing to fertilize a female egg (they swim much faster in the cartoon than I imagine mine do): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4BvpVWWm18

MemoryTag’s credo that humor and pathos come in all forms has opened up the greeting card into a new Digital Renaissance Age.

For more information go to https://memorytag.cards/.