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October 28, 2008


Living as we are in the waning months of George W. Bush’s Thinking Gut approach to any form of decision making, it should come as no surprise to us that so many GOP voters proudly insist on keeping their heads up their asses. Yet somehow it still does.

That even a small percentage of the electorate is so militantly oblivious to their own interests has always fascinated us. Granted, we’ve always had a problem with the “this is the greatest country in the world and we are the greatest people in the world” approach to argument. Especially when it is being made by followers of a thrice divorced radio blowhard with enough residual OxyContin in his system to euthanize Keith Richards.

OK already...we know you love America more than we do because you endlessly sing how “at least I know I’m free”. And yes Lee Greenwood may be on his seventh or eighth wife, but he always wears an American flag shirt so you know he’s someone you can trust. And Toby Keith...why hell yes, there’s nary a problem we can’t bomb.

Expecting certain right-wingers to acknowledge reality is like expecting Elizabeth Hasselbeck to have a point. Instead they will look at you with that condescending certainty which is the hallmark of an unexamined life and say things like “Obama’s a terrorist” or “Obama hates Jesus” or for the truly thoughtful “Obama will make things worse” {to quote the old guy who’s about to be stoned to death in ‘Life Of Brian’ “making it worse! how could it be worse!!”}.

For these people, Obama is sitting somewhere right now with his feet up eating a big bowl of babies, plotting with his liberal allies to tax and spend and confiscate our guns before passing our launch codes on to Bin Laden.

You can’t reason with them..so you may as well laugh at them. But keep in mind another Python truism...if they win this election, the last laugh is on us.