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August 27, 2010

Come check it out. (the customization possibilities will blow your mind) This was a long time coming: http://comedywhirled.com/ (and it takes minds like yours to keep it something fresh and cutting edge)

WestSideSlant and myself were tired of bitching and moaning about being stuck in a 'Polar Experience' so we decided to part the white sea and set the people free.

 click on the movie poster to see more ^   
Plus we can finally monetize our page, videos, you name it,  and yes, there's a caption contest comparable to none on this Earth.  Really, it's finally an open system for creativity. A TRUE OPEN SOURCE COMEDIC COLLECTIVE, a UTOPIA, The next GREAT PLACE ON THE WEB.  Made with love and care and respect for the wonderful art of spontaneous collaboration and individual efforts....
CURRENTLY RUNNING A CONTEST for the best 15 second COMEDY SHORT.  You still have time to enter our inaugural contest!
Coming Soon: Thursday Night at the Drive In
Come check it out.