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March 20, 2014

All the best to Bradley Cooper, but are we ready to live in a world where Louis CK is ever wrong about anything?

In a 2009 interview with Stephen Merchant, comedian Louis CK joked about all the aspiring actors on Inside the Actor's Studio who stand up to ask questions to people like Sean Penn about how to become famous, etc. and how doing so will result in them never doing so.  It was a pretty good joke, based in total reality, until one of those people turned out to be Bradley Cooper.

Well, in one of the world's greatest coincidences, Cooper managed to make Mr. CK look the fool and even got some onscreen revenge of his own. Check it out, but then make sure to go outside, because it's finally nice out!*

*May vary +/-100% based on where you live.

h/t Splitsider