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February 07, 2017

Blog post from snake kid.

Hey guys it is me snake kid sorry it has been so long since I have posted a article but I have been busy with my snakes anyway my best snake is very healthy and i feed him 12 mice a day and he loves it my best snake is named eddie the snake and i love him more than my star wars guys anyway my second best snake is also doing really good and he eats 8 mice a day his name is laser tank the snake and he moves very slow but he is still a great snake i love him a lot my third snake is less healthy than eddie and laser tank but he is still doing good his name his maximum throttle the snake and he is a girl snake when i got him he was pregnant and he had a ton of baby snakes they were named motorcycle another one was name skateboard trick the snake another was named gun the snake and another was named killing knife the snake all of these snakes were brought to the river right off of pondfield between the bridge and the nursing home in that weird parking lot anyway my snakes are all good and i am glad that they are all healthy i am bringing them all to school tomorrow because i am training them to bite alex because he has been a complete DICKHEAD to me this week okay signing off

-Snake Kid