MAY 15, 2012


Pepsi announced a deal with the estate of Michael Jackson to use the late pop star’s image in a new marketing campaign.

His image fits perfectly with their old slogan of “For those who think young”.


The Washington Post reported that former classmates of Mitt Romney recall him once holding down a classmate and forcibly cutting his blond bangs.

Which just proves what many have suspected all along... Mitt Romney is not qualified enough to be a barber.


A hospital in Houston has set the latest trend in medical science by live-tweeting a brain surgery.

Oh, so when a surgeon hangs brain on Twitter they’re a hero, but when Anthony Weiner does it he gets kicked out of Congress?


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has spoken out in support of legalizing gay marriage in his country.

So now when you’re there, you’ll have to wonder, “Is that a gay bachelor party or a scene from “The Hobbit”?”


A Mexican man was arrested in Arizona for trying to smuggle more than 7 pounds of cocaine into the country in the seat of his wheelchair.

To help the man get over his addiction, he has now been committed to a “Twelve-Ramp” program. 


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