If you’ve seen Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie, you know that the 1988 made-for-TV movie Donald Trump wrote, directed, and starred in never actually aired. Instead, after being pre-empted for Monday Night Football, a furious Trump pulled the movie before it was ever seen by anyone. Until now, of course.

Had the movie actually made it to air, Trump insisted that it only be interrupted by the most important, most huge, most long-lasting and memorable commercials of the time. Below are 15 such commercials: the perfect time capsule to remind your brain of an era long-since-passed, but fondly remembered.

Bud Light

Spuds MacKenzie: what a happening dude!


If there was anything the ’80s taught us, it was to “Avoid the Noid” at all costs.

Alf Plush Toy

Wait, is that Candace Cameron?


Wait, is that OJ Simpson?


The ’80s just called and said “You’re welcome.“

Diet Pepsi

If Michael J. Fox would do anything for a woman, imagine what he’d do for two.


In the ’80s, a party wasn’t a party until The Fat Boys showed up.

Miller Lite

Joe Piscopo as The Fat Boys? Yikes.


Someone should start a hashtag #BringBackMacTonight.

Burger King

Hold on, is that Cuba Gooding, Jr.?


Hardee’s is actually known as Carl’s Jr. in the Golden State, but that didn’t stop the California Raisins from pulling-off this all-time-great commercial crossover.


THIS. IS. THE. ’80s.

Dunkin Donuts Cereal

When isn’t it time to make the donuts?


Good luck getting this one out of your head.

Flintstone Vitamins

10 million strong and still growing.