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November 25, 2008


Spain is the best tourist destination that everyone would surely love to be with. Fantastic people, delicacies and tourism are a travel for a lifetime that Spain surely could offer in different kind of people, culture and languages.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is where most groundbreaking architecture to have come out of the 20th century. Just try to look at the building itself that symbolizes its innovative and architectural landmark, in which creates a seductive backdrop for the exhibition of contemporary art.

Las Ramblas in Spain, which is the Arabic word for “dry flower”. This is the place where Barcelona people meet. This a great pleasure day and night, in which stools were under the threes upon looking the live statues.

El Born is quiet been a small village in the vicinity of Barcelona, fashionable but so authentic. Violinmakers, glassmakers and designers could be seen. Pensioners play cards, young people discuss at the edge of the fountains. Strange atmosphere. Don't doubt to go into the little streets to breathe the old Barcelona. Wherein right at the very area, cheap hotels in Barcelona could be seen.

Don’t ever miss the chance to visit the Museum of Barcelona, Picasso Museum.  The museum is indispensable for understanding its formative years. The genius of the young artist is revealed through the more than 3,500 works that make up the permanent collection. It also reveals his relationship with Barcelona: an intimate, solid relationship that was shaped in his adolescence and youth, and continued until his death.

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