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September 17, 2010

Kid will do ANYTHING for tuition money, Nick Razor tests how far he will go


Craigslist Ad: College kid looking for ANY work for tuition money

nick to CL AD

Do you still need a sugar daddy to pay for college classes? I need some work done around my plantation.

Nick Razor


Daniel to nick

Yes i still need money for college, What is your plantation like?



That's good to hear. It's your ol' typical plantation. More like a relic of the past. I just need someone to do the usual. Keep the weeds at bay, clean the floors, and such? I will pay handsomely for it. I just don't have the back I once use to. Getting older and all. I figure I could help a little boy out and get something in return other than watching you sweat under that hot Carolina sun while I sip on some lemonade.


well im hardly alittle boy, im a man struggling to gain a job in this economy, Im game for the work just give me some information on where it's located and when you want me to start.
Daniel D. Douglas


Oh well now Daniel to a man of 60 anyone under 50 is a little boy. I'm just south of 000000. Not far at all. Are you ok with wearing a uniform? Also what are you studying? It just might help me out. Excuse me for being so inquisitive, but I'd really like to know the person I'm trusting in.




 I want to study Culinary arts or Electronics. iM ok with wearing a uniform as long is it' appropriate.
Daniel D. Douglas

Mmmmmmmm, it's a chef I have here.  That's good. I need someone to replace the role of my wife after she died. Tuberculosis ended her life short unfortunately.
Daniel, the job pays 17 an hour, and I expect you to earn every penny of the $17. Since you are in school I won't ask you to work anymore than 30 hours a week or some other arrangement. If I find you to be satisfactory at your job and not causing any brouhaha. I will consider what I did for another companion in my ranks, which is sponsor their college education. Mind you this only after you have proven yourself. I want someone who can appreciate what's given to them and doesn't just throw away opportunity. Does that sound good? If so please reply and I can give you further details.

Thank you



nick (2nd attempt)


I haven't heard back from you. I was hoping you can commit to this. I was really looking forward to having you over. I do need a response today, or else I'll have to move on. I've attached a picture of the uniform. Please let me know either way.



Okay sounds good

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How Wunderbar!

I'm glad you approved of the uniform, many did not. Unfortunately I have to order a new one, since the last one is too stained with fluids on the back side. So how about we have you start on the 19th? I believe it will be in by then, does that work? You can see the receptionist Jenna about acquiring the uniform. I do not want to meet you until you are dressed in it. I'll start you with basic landscaping, and after a good sweat we'll see how much else you can handle. yes, that would be good.


I really do need the job seeing I got alot of bills to pay.

I won't be able to start as of yet I have a trip planned for sept the 19th and I will be back on oct 19. Because I have to attend a family outing. I hope that dies not damper things out.




Don't worry my little lederhosen boy, I have several positions open I just need at least someone now for the start of the season. I will hold a position open for you. I don't want you to worry anymore. Something you will learn very quickly is old Nick takes care of his boys when his boys take care of him. Here is the address. I'll hear from you in October, now go on now and spend time with your family, ya hear.

2400 0000 Lane
00000, 00 00000