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January 27, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #3

Introducing The Various Artists LP: "We Like Girls"

12. Checking out their sisters.
11. The times aren't that different,I keep momentos of girls I've killed and buried in the garden too
10. Girls like Judy Garland, Ethyl Merman, ...
9. Chad and Lance enjoy the training sessions at the Oral Roberts' Sexual Reorientation Center in Tulsa Oklahoma.
8.When I have trouble with the high notes, Toby helps out by giving me a little squeeze.
7. Biff and Steve ponder the age old question...Go out and pick up some girls or watch "Leave It To Beaver?"
6. Cigarettes and masturbating, that's how we roll.
5. Trust me. This will make us look straight!
4. Even though they are the third wheel in our threesomes.
3. "That one right there likes to be blind folded and hog tied."
2. TYPO: should read: "We're Like Girls!!!"
1. But why the ones from America's Most Wanted?