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December 22, 2012

My recap of being a Jets fan



  Being a Jets fan is like being a fan is like rooting for a 3 legged horse. We know they never really have a chance but we all just hope that just once they will pull one out. But sadly it is most of the time they don't win and we all are force to watch them get put down on the field.
  Why do we kept going back every season knowing they will rip our heart out. Well I guess most of us are sickos that are into S&M. But the rest of us I believe are really into rooting for the underdog. Now I know being a pro team from New York doesn't normally make you a underdog. But I always felt bad for them being from New York cause it would add more pressure to a team that can't handle any pressure. Not to mention I always thought the New York crowd was way to hard on them. It is like booing a special needs who is really trying hard. Put the Jets in most mid-western cities and they would be so happy to have them. It would go from "Boo!! You fucking suck!" to "Hey nice try guys! You will get them next time and if not that will be ok too! Just as long as you have fun at there! You guy are really really nice people!" Now you might be seeing "hold up if you are not from New York then why are you a Jets fan?" Well I that is a good question.

  It started in 3rd grade when some kid named Ed ( I don't want to say his last name cause he was kind of a d-bag" asked "Yo Josh who is your favorite football team?" and for some reason I answered " I don't know who is the worst team right now?" At this moment as much as a d-bag as Ed was and he was a pretty big d-bag (he did choke me later that year after I laughed at him falling) he could have changed by saying any team. He could have said the Pats or the Saints or even (thank god! he didn't) the Eagles. But Ed said "Well the Jets suck." and with that I became a Jets fan. Mostly cause everything that Ed thought sucked I thought must be great.
  At the start I was wasn't the best Jets fan. I didn't even really watch sports at all. I couldn't name 3 players on the Jets. But I did enjoy telling people I was a fan of them. They were always confused and ask why? Most of them seemed really concerned and worried about the choice I made in my life. I felt like sometimes telling people I was rooting for the Jets is like telling people I just started smoking meth and when I watched them for the first time I found out why.
  I remember like it was yesterday. My dad was watching football. He is a Redskins fan and the Skins were playing my Jets. I recall the guy calling the game saying "This will be a up hill battle for the Jets today" Then they showed the records Jets 0-7 and the Skins 5-2. I was shocked! Ok maybe not shocked I mean the reason I started cheering for them in the first place is cause they "sucked" as Ed would say. But my god! They went on to lose that game 36-3. However after watching that beating for some reason I wanted to wish them again. Hey maybe they are like smoking meth.

  That is the way it went for years. Me watching Vinny Testaverde try so hard. They would make the playoffs from time to time only to have them fail. The game they took Vinny out and put Chad in that is when I went from being a Jets fan to being the Jets fan. Chad Pennington was perfect for the Jets. He wasn't the worst. He wasn't the best by far. He was just...Chad! Chad became my favorite player. Me and Chad were like piss and shit. I was the only person I saw rocking a #10 Jets jerseys. Do you know hard it is to win games in Madden playing with Chad Pennington? Pretty god damn hard. It seemed like Mr.Pennington would lead the Jets to the playoffs every other year. We had so many great moments beating the Colts 41-0! Fuck Peyton! I even made a rap song for him. But Chad took to many beatings and most Jets fans for some reason got sick of Chad being out for weeks at a time. They heard there was a chance to get a living legend.

  It all happen so fast. I woke up and The Jets have traded for Brett Favre. Most Jets fans were pretty hyped. I was more upset for Chad Pennington. It was like a bad dream. My favorite player is now on the Dolphins?!?! Are you joking? We did get Brett so maybe not a bad dream. Brett Favre on the Jets never felt right. I was never use to people knowing any of the Jets players names or seeing people on ESPN talk about the Jets. You could tell that Brett didn't want to be on the Jets. It started off so good. We beat the Pats in Boston! But it quickly turned into shit. We lost 7 of of the last 8 games. The last game being a must win and guess who came back home to beat us? Chad Pennington! He helped the Dolphins win the AFC East that year. After that year was over Brett "retired". We got rid of the "mangenius". To start a new era for the Jets!!

  When I first saw Rex Ryan it was hard for me not to get excited. He said something like "If you fuck with the Jets we will run a train on your mother" or something like that. He told Bill Belichick "hey yo I will not suck yo dick" or something like that. He talked a lot of shit. Rex fired up the fan base like nobody has ever did before. Little did we know at the time it was more talk then anything else.

  Draft day!! I heard there was a chance of the Jets trading up to get Mark Sanchez. We never had a young qb to grow up on the Jets. When that trade went down I never been so happy to be a Jets fan. It is happening!! The Jets have got a pro-bowler type q.b! Mark first year was whatever. They went 8-8 but they made the playoffs. After they beat the Bengals I didn't think they had a chance in hell of beating San Diego. But sure enough they showed those west coast fucks what Camden ball was all about. Then they went on to blow a 13 point half time lead to the Colts nest week. But they made a even better run next year in the Playoffs beating the Colts and the Pats!!!!!! Then they went on to get killed by the Steelers. Those 2 years were the best time to ever be a Jets fan. Cause the next 2 seasons were like hell on earth.

  The 2011-2012 season was nothing to talk about. The Jets as a team just fell apart. Santonio Holmes is a dick. I mean the 3rd string q.b had to say something. So in the off season the Jets had a "great" idea to sign Tim Tebow. I mean I out of all the people to get they got the one guy who I hated the most. And from here you guys know the rest......One more wasted season. It looks like Tebow will be gone after having a pointless year with the team and they will try to trade Mark (good luck with that). They are starting Greg McElroy this week. So it looks like at least 6 more years of pain for Jets fans before we get away near the Superbowl. I swear Joe Namath must be rolling over in his grave.

  So that is where I am. Now I know being a Jets fan isn't the worst. Hell I could be a Browns fan or a Jags fan. But I can't think of one team that fuck up as hard as the New York Jets do. But man alive do I love them. I love the pain cause I think......no I know! That one day it will all pay off. To the Jets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!