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August 10, 2008


Anyway,last night I entered the bar and wondered what I had gotten my self into.I walked up to the bar and sat.Low lights, bad artsy paintings and the smell of expensive cigars(but not Cuban) permeaited the room.I ordered a long neck Bud and the bartender rolled his eyes as he turned to fetch the fucker.What a pretentious little cock I thought as he returned with my beer.I put the dollar change in my pocket and the quarter too.Fuck him and his attitude and his little fucking vest.

I looked around the room and saw Leslie for the first time.Quirky glasses,wirey little smile,one good tit and a nice round ass.Hmmmm.She was surrounded by what else....4 other pretentious looking jackasses in"I'm going to the Googenheim."sweatery beatnick cloths.Leslie had on natually 2 peaces of cloths that did'nt match that looked like a cross between target and second hand store.I will say she was clean and smelled good.She looked at them then me,they looked at each other and then her and they knew what the outcome would be.

After half a beer she got out of the conversation she was in with the Frankin guys and strolled over to the bar next to me and ordered a White Russian.I looked at her and smiled.She nodded and smiled back and ask me if the beer was cold enough.Close, but not an award winner I chuckled.I offered to pay for her drink and she accepted.And yes this happens to me.I have gray hair,and I'm a little paunchy but I'm generally a good looking older man.I don't know if its the Fatherly thing or the charming thing or the trusting thing that gets me accepted with the cute quirky kind but I do seem to have their attention.

Anyway she ask if I'd like another beer I said no that this was the extent of my partying.One beer and a half an hour at a bar on my way home from work.She ask me if I lived around there and I said yes a couple of blocks away in the penthouse apartment at the Boston Building.She seemed impressed and restated penthouse.Ok,no I said, not really the penthouse or the Boston Building but I do have an apartment a few blocks from here.

Long story short,her and her brother went home with me and I banged the bloodie socks off her while her brother was telling me to take it easy on her,and she was begging for it harder till she shot a wettie down my leg and ask me to stop.Well I think it was a Strauss Waltz that was playing when I got off,rolled over and fell asleep.

I thought they would be gone in the morning when I got up,but they were still there.So I made coffee.While it was brewing I told her I really enjoyed her one tit,smooth skin,and I was right about her nice ass having enough bulk on it so I woul'nt be all bruised from banging her.She told me she also was thrilled not to have to fake an orgasim.Compliment accepted!I told her she seemed rather tight for the way she was dressed.

Oops that was the wrong thing to say....Her and her brother stormed out.

Anyway I only ment to tell ya how good the coffee was this morning.Everything else was a fabrication.

That was Great Coffee!