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August 14, 2011

Travel Adventures. Kind of.

Things You Should Know About Morgan City:

1. It's a great place to commit a homicide.
2. If people did live in Morgan City, I'd be the ideal location for pagans or aspiring pagans since you'll lose your faith in no time (alongside your sense of time). 
3. Your mama warned you about this -- or maybe she didn't, which is why you'd end up in Morgan City in the first place. 

So where the hell is Morgan City? 
MORGAN CITY is conveniently located in the middle of everywhere. Way to go Louisiana! 

Extracted from website:

The City of Morgan City is conveniently located "right in the middle of everywhere" approximately 70 miles west of New Orleans, 60 miles south of Baton Rouge and 60 miles east of Lafayette on scenic Highway 90. Known worldwide for fishing, hunting and fine Cajun cuisine, Morgan City is the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico for the shrimping and oilfield industries.