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November 08, 2017

Ever wondered how to not dress like an idiot in the gym? Look no further, this guide will help you to look smooth so you can concentrate on pumping iron (and wooing a potential gym partner).

It’s time to ditch those rumours, who says you can’t look good whilst you work out? It can be extremely difficult deciding what to wear and you don’t want to look like you’ve just fallen into the 70s with your neon leg warmers. So make sure you dress appropriately in case you make eye contact with that cute girl at the gym.

Mens tops

I would start off by making sure that the tops you decide to wear are breathable or streamlined depending on the workout you do. A loose cotton t-shirt would be best for this, the cotton is great for the warmer months and allows room to exercise whilst still maintaining comfortability.

When doing workouts that contain cardio it’s best to stick with streamlined clothing to allow more speed in your workouts, many gym clothes provide lycra or synthetic materials for elasticity and breathability to avoid those sticky workouts!

Men’s bottoms

Is it shorts or a joggers day? Is the question you ask yourself, when going to the gym I would always recommend wearing sports shorts. This will keep you cooler when working out and still allow you to look good when doing so. I would tend to stick to neutral colours or something bright if you really do fancy it, personally, i don’t enjoy drawing attention to myself at the gym.

Joggers should only be worn when in fact, well… jogging so maybe keep these at home when you’re going to the gym, it will only leave you sweating buckets! It can be handy wearing them when going for a run during the colder season. Avoid wearing fashion joggers at all cost.

Men’s footwear

Its pretty obvious that smart shoes stay at home, it goes without saying to wear trainers. A lot of people go wrong with this, they tend to bring the wrong shoes when working out. For example, wearing leather trainers when you’re working will not benefit your feet they will only get hot very quickly! It would be an investment to buy trainers made for sports, stick to mesh materials to allow your feet to breathe and stay cool when doing those sets. Asics are great for this as they produce specialist running shoes and many of them are made from breathable mesh.

Men’s jumpers/jackets

I suggest when going for a run to wear a warm sweatshirt, Champion offer warm weave sweatshirts that are perfect for running. Its crucial to stay warm when running to avoid cold sweats as this can lead to illnesses.

If jumpers don’t tickle your fancy you could also opt for a lightweight rain jacket, the breathable material won’t weigh you down when exercising but also keeps you relatively warm in windy conditions.

It may take a little time and money to stir up an outfit for when you work out, but not only will you be able to comfortably exercise with no one staring. Don’t over do it with bright colours and prints, simplicity is the way forward.