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June 27, 2011

This news article announces the new Pill NacerMorph, which allows women to carry a full-term pregnancy at an amazing three months.

Obstetricians and Pharmacologists from the University of Southern Delaware have united to create a new pill (NacerMorph) that will speed up the pregnancy process to an astounding three months.  Developers of the new drug say that pregnant women who first become pregnant and take the exiting new tablets will deliver extremely healthy newborns at full term in only 12 weeks with absolutely no side effects whatsoever.  This practical new discovery came about when (OBGYN) Dr. Peter Venkman and Pharmacologist, Bob Wiley were attempting to develop healthy sedatives for troubled infants with insomnia. 
Upcoming mothers, (such as Glee actress Dianna Agron) can now have up to 4 babies per year, though doctors reccommend at least a one-month recovery period for each pregnancy.  The new drug will be available July 1, 2011 to women only.