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August 23, 2009


Some of you fuckers are really funny. Others of you need to seek professional help. Anyway, today's pic reminds me of some nights that I, too, would like to forget.

cassafrass conveys:

Here are the 8/21 winners:

**Honorable Mention:
This pussy runs deep
No barking up the wrong tree
Feel this log baby

(mpg79 - "feel this log baby" - SUPERB!!!)

Commune with Nature
I try, but can't find forest
come in my Wranglers

(FissureFilms: "Commune with nature" - brilliant! And Wranglers? Hahaha!)

It is a sad day
When dreams and reality
Are so far apart

(JoeLeeThree: "Dreams and Reality are so far apart" This is simply a beautiful and insightful haiku!)

Leaf her alone now
she's had enough woodpeckers
poke holes in her trunk

(Lizardladyfla: I had the hardest time choosing between the 3 you wrote, but Woodpeckers wins the gold!!!)