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Published May 16, 2011


  • CBS- Couldn't be shittier, Casting Bullsh*t Station, Creepy Bastuds Station
  • NBC- Never been Cool, New Bosses Constantly, Nearly Been Cancelled
  • FOX - founded on X-files, Forced On Xanax, Flicks Ovicely Xeroxed,
  • ABC- Awful broadcasting Company, A Bitch Corporation, Ancient Bad Crap
  • CNN- Crappy News Network, Copy Network News, Clearly Not News
  • TBS- Total Bullsh*t Station, Ted's Black Station, Tits blurred Still
  • TNT- Tied NBC Thrice, Time Noticing Tweets, To Not Tune, Turn Off Turner
  • AMC- America's Most Cancelled, Am Mostly Changing, Awful Movies Constantly
  • HBO- Have Boobies Out, Her Box Office ;)  Hate buying Office

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