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February 14, 2016

Melissa McCarthy hosts for not quite the fifth time, Beyonce turns black and Kyle takes on Kanye.

Don’t know about you, but I was hoping for a drama-free 2016, and this past week was so full of Kanye drama it was almost stressful for me, personally.But then anyone who likes Kanye’s music or Kanye in general is used to having drama in their life. So, duh, I was looking forward to tonight’s episode of SNL because I just can’t escape drama (and I secretly love it!!!!!!!). I also love Melissa McCarthy and thought The Heat was woefully underrated. She was so comfortable hosting Saturday Night Live and nowhere was that more apparent than in her monologue, a musical number about her joining the Five Timers Club — until Kenan points out that she’s really only hosted four-and-one-sixteenth times because the 40th Anniversary Special doesn’t count that much.

“It was the day they lost their damn white minds.”

The best sketch of the night, though, was “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black,” a mock horror film trailer that did not include Kanye West or Melissa McCarthy, but did include all the #drama white people have been stirring up since Beyoncé released the video for her new single, “Formation.” The cast hit all the right notes here, from Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong trying to make sense of what’s happening (“Maybe this song … isn’t for us,” “But usually everything is!”) to Aidy Bryant’s vocal relief that her daughter didn’t “turn black” (and Leslie Jones’s furious “Really?!”).

“My goal here is for people all over the world to look at me and just go, like, ‘wait a second. That’s hip hop.’”

My readers (hey guys, I treasure your support, and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without you) know that I am a big Kyle Mooney fan, and the other filmed piece of the night, “Kyle vs. Kanye” was a big opportunity for him to show America how good he is at playing delusional dreamers, AKA Americans!! She shoots, she scores. Where was I? Oh right, Mooney plays an aspiring rapper version of himself, whose career has been derailed since he got hired by SNL. But now he is presented with the opportunity to show America how good he is at rapping, because Kanye is performing on the show and he is going to rap battle Kanye. Come for Kanye’s rendition of “I Love Kanye,” stay for “white-nerdy-guy-sort-of-a-heartthrob-who’s-on-the-rise-maybe” Kyle Mooney.

“This week Beyoncé faced outrage for her controversial halftime performance, but also no she didn’t.”

Real quick, back to all the Kanye drama. On Weekend Update, Michael Che did a great job addressing it — “it” being Kanye’s “BILL COSBY INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!” tweet, and how we are inclined to forgive people who are really good at things. That tweet made me so mad and I was still super pumped once Kanye started performing last night. The only thing that gets me through this internal battle is the knowledge that we’re all struggling, together.

Another Update highlight was Vanessa Bayer’s perpetually surprised Rachel from Friends.Delightful AF. How has she kept that from us for so long?!

“Boy, rubbers are rad, huh?”

Finally, this may have flown under the radar a little, but my favorite live sketch was “Movie Night,” wherein Pete Davidson plays a teenager watching the sex scene in Terminator with his parents (Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Moynihan), and we can hear all of their internal monologues. At one point, Davidson leaves the room to get a snack from the kitchen, and brings back a box of uncooked pasta. And they pause the movie until he returns.