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March 16, 2010


I was walking around the green streets of Charlestown,
Right before the crack of dawn.
When coming straight towards me as cocky as could be,
Was a little, green leprechaun.
I started to fidget when I seen this midget,
Was acting so brazen and bold.
And I near lost me head when the leprechaun said,
"I've got me a big pot of gold."

There was something scary about this male faerie,
But I had just heard him mention.
What he had in his fold was a big pot of gold,
And those words got my attention.
Though he was furious that I was curious,
About the story he had told.
I still asked him if he would hand over give to me,
Just half of his big pot of gold.

He said. "You're a zero and only a hero,
Can share a leprechaun's glory.
And you are not gallant, courageous or valiant,
Nor the hero of this story."
My hopes started to dim, but I somehow asked him,
How he happened upon my road.
"Did you have to follow a beautiful rainbow,
To get this big old pot of gold?"

Now this little green elf starts talking to himself,
He thought I had devious plans.
He said, "You are clever but I swear you'll never,
Have my gold in your greedy hands."
And as the leprechaun was going on and on,
I decided I would be bold.
I got the nerve to say, "I heard there is a way,
I can have your big pot of gold.

Because I know for sure that it's Irish folk lore,
That all I need to do is gape.
If I can fix my eyes upon your beady eyes,
There is no way you can escape."
I tried staring him down, but I was forced to frown,
Because my stare I could not hold.
I was the first to blink and knew the little fink,
Wouldn't part with his pot of gold.

But he was so cunning and he started funning,
And I know it gave him pleasure.
To tell me with a laugh, "You won't even get half,
Of the gold I'll always treasure".
And then the leprechaun said he had to move on,
And left me standing in the cold.
Without shaking my hand, he went back to Ireland,
Along with his big pot of gold.