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Published: June 10, 2009
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I'd pretty much  say that's what sums up Bill Stap   (Staples) &  Kari Grant and illustrates how you can learn a lot more about  Fodders  here by following the breadcrumbs to others'  links, or looking at different profile photos, the photos of  what's important or interesting to them, reading what they might have written when being serious. There is so much creativity here beyond the videos that are made. Captions may seem like fools gold but  behind every great movie or comedy there are great writers. They have their own kind of genius  &  hilarity that boggles my mind. So if you find yourself gravitating or inspired by  someone here take the time to check out the other facets. You might be surprised.

from nudesinblue.com with permission of artist

Yin&Yang.   oil on canvas

Self as Swine. lino-cut print

Win Some. Lose Some.   mixed media

Solace at a Mother's Bosom,    oil pastel

Shattered Image of the Ideal Woman.    acrylics on ceramic shards

Death by Credit.    ceramic

Frans Hals Malle Babbe.    etching



Conversation in a Chinese Garden

Sedona Foothills    acrilyic mini-dyptich

Cedar Valley acrylic mini-dyptich

Taking a  Lot  for Pomegranate 

Fossil Fuel

Tsunami of Love    acrylic  collage

The Five Kingdoms of Life     mural

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