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October 30, 2008


So, I just heard on the radio that kids who feel anxious can now take mom's anti-depressant to smother their feelings.
Oh my, what a concept.
"Kids, just pop that little pill with your milk and you'll soon be so stoned on pharma-help, nothing's gonna' bother you now'.
Can you imagine if Ritalin had been around when Mozart or any other genius of a previous era was?They would have been slapped with some abbreviated and impressive sounding label faster than you can say what-the -hey!
When did it become lawful to drug the children?
And why aren't "medications" considered drugs?
The sole difference is the supplier.One is legal and one ain't,But they both provide the same service.
Supplying drugs.
So kids, what will it be?
The red one or the blue one?
Who needs feelings anyway.