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Published: July 14, 2009
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Man,Tommy chong's myspace blog is funny.It won't let ya fix up your post or post again.And,then I remember the Dave's not here bit. I've put up a picture that's looks a little like a young Cheech Marin or maybe not. But,take one look at my pupils and can definitely tell I was shrooming or on acid.The captions used say SAK'S ON DRUGS:ANY QUESTIONS?!? I recently got my 2 yearschip so I hope don't pull a Sam Kinison and get ran off the road by Needle,California by a drunken driver.What's really ironic about the whole thing is Kinison done a bit about driving home drunk cause it's the only FUCKING way to get Our CARS HoMe!!!!!AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Shit,I"m glad I ride the bus.
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