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April 06, 2009


I implore you all to clean out your cupboards, invite long-lost friends over to impromptu dinner parties and make random phonecalls to people who don't like you, you can then follow it up by pestering workmates and relatives and get them all to join in the pyramid of potential.
You too along with millions of other people worldwide who have no idea on how to dress for success
can join in the japes of jollity you will have by subscribing to a cult that tells you what to think when to think and how to think it. Thousands of people you have never heard of with fake addresses and pictures will then tell you how it has changed their life and how they have so much wealth now they shite diamonds...drive 15 cars and own timeshares the size of small countries.
Oh so exciting such a real job, people will suddenly think you are amazing and look at you as a business professional running this company empire built on the stupidity of others.

Give me an A...