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August 16, 2011

My name is Tea Party Tom and along with my brother, Patriot Pat, we will soon bring you the latest AMERICAN news, celebrity and political interviews. And when I say news, I mean that sh*t that just makes you want to cut your pinky finger just so you can realize that you bleed Red, White and Blue! That kind of stuff that makes you say, why is Obama President when we could have Tea Party Tom or Patriot Pat! Watch out America, because We R America!


Do you remember a time when the husband could work at a Vacuum store and provide for his family? Or when a smoking hot wife didnt have to worry about getting a job? Or when a family could pray to baby jesus and actually be thankful, not worried? Well, I dont remember this time, but I sure as heck have heard about it. And, if I can be frank America, I want that time. Not because I have a deep passion for selling vacuum cleaners, but because it was a time when we lived within our means, enjoyed our lives, and didnt live to work, but worked to live.

My name is Tea Party Tom and I am going to travel around the country providing you with the news you want, not just the best news ever from Fox News, but all that other crap like CNN, PBS, and the channels and radio stations you dont listen too. I will take the best of that news and provide it to you hear. I wont be alone on my journey around this great country. I will be joined by my beer loving, dixie chick listening, NRA dreaming, brother and friend, Patriot Pat. As we piss people off across the nation and interview the most influential folks in America, it is our hope that you will start to feel a desire within you. And no, I'm not talking about that desire to watch a Nascar Race on Sunday while drinking a Bud, or that feeling to go buck hunting at the peak of the season, but that feeling to get to the polls next November, formulate some sort of opinion, and check a box.

I love this great country, but recognize, it needs folks like Patriot Pat and I to spread what this country is about, not what this country has been know for as of late. In a time where our economy is in shambles, our jobs are going abroad and away completely, our politicians are fighting with eachother and not for America, we need to stand up, believe in freedom, believe in red, white and blue and represent our constitution!

So AMERICA, join me and Patriot Pat on this journey, follow us, support us, cradle us in your AMERICAN arms and lets do something great.

God Bless America,

Tea Party Tom
Patriot Pat