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June 23, 2008


So if you keep up with Rumiez you might notice that we never filmed an episode 3. Why is that you ask? Well we never knew which way we were gonna go with the show. It got pretty envolved, and its a good thing we never did because today were gonna film episode 3 and this way all those little things in the show that don't add up, will when you see episode 3, all those loose ends tied up nice and tight. It was kind of the smartest thing I think we ever did. So be sure to check it out. Were almost done with season one, two episodes left, not inculding episode 3. Then were moving on to season two, after a little break. We thank everyone that has been loyal to the show, you know who you are and we hope you stick with us for season two and the movie.

Love ya RUMIEZ.

I know we don't have all the episodes of Rumiez up on funny or die. Thats because we had computer problems and lost episodes 1 through 8, not before posting them up over at our myspace page. www.myspace.com/rumiezpage. So feel free to catch up and get lost in the epic rumiez world. Be sure If you do to check out episode 8 our christmas episode. Santa is a little fucked up in the world of rumiez!