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July 17, 2011

Ever wonder what happens between two scenes of your favorite movie? Me too! I took this one a step further than just wanting to know. This following story is my account of what happened after Miyagi jumped the Cobra Kia and when the meet up again face to face in Kreese's dojo.

After the Fight

Act 1

Johnny was the first to regain his composure, slowly getting to one knee.  His shoulder immediately tightened, his arm felt like it weighed a hundred pounds.  

“Fuck!” Johnny yelled as he massaged his collarbone.  

“Dutch get off your fucking ass. Get up! All of you!”     

Dutch, Jimmy, and Tommy, helped Bobby to his feet. Dutch looked to Johnny as he pulled the hood of his skeleton costume back over his head.  

“Well?”    Dutch questioned  

“Well, what? You wanna get your ass kicked again?”    Johnny Challenged 

“What about “show no mercy Johnny?”  Dutch said while providing the international quotation hand signal.  

“Eat a dick Dutch” Johnny growled 

 John Lawrence looked over the rest of the Kai and shook his head in denial.  As he walked between Tommy and Jimmy heading back toward the Charles Evans Hughes Junior/Senior High School gymnasium.   

Act 2 

Stacey Tannis followed closely behind Ali Mills as Ali ran across the parking lot toward Johnny and Bobby.  Johnny could see the expression on Ali’s face and wanted nothing to do with her.   

“What the fuck Johnny?” 

“You know what Ali, get away from me; I’m so sick of your mouth.  If you think this is about you, you’re wrong; I could give a shit about you.  Don’t think for a second that I’m jealous of the attention you give Larusso; he’s an asshole who wouldn’t leave well enough alone. 

“Johnny, you’re just jealous, jealous that Daniel doesn’t need a bunch of flunkies around him to feel confident in himself!” 

Jimmy laughed under his breath until he was shot a sharp look by Johnny. 

“Sorry Johnny”     Jimmy apologized  

“Why can’t you just leave him alone?”    Ali Scowled  

“Are you fucking stupid? I was in the bathroom rolling a goddamn joint not bothering a soul when that little asshole laced a fucking 100 foot garden hose, that was in a sink for some unknown reason, through some pipes on the ceiling.  He turns on the hose and fucking douches me! Wouldn’t you be pissed?” 

“See Ali, I told you it was that little assholes fault”    Stacey said as she nursed Bobby’s fat lip with a handkerchief.  

“What do want him to do Johnny?” 

“How about stop putting me in situations where I am basically forced to kick his fucking ass? 

The Cobra Kai laughed hysterically at Johnny’s declaration to Ali.  

“You started all this, asshole.  You started it when you and you cronies came down to the beach last week and made a big scene in front of my friends.” 

“Come on.”  Johnny injected 

“I was trying to talk to you and you’re little friend tried to be a tuff guy.  He got what he deserved.  Are you mad because your little friend is a wimp or because he shit his pants when I kicked him in the stomach?” Yeah that’s right, I heard from Freddy Fernandez’s cousin, Javier that Larusso shit himself after I landed that ruthless roundhouse”. 

“Grow up Johnny, Daniel has a spastic colon.   

And you wonder why we broke up.”  Ali remarked as she rolled her eyes. 

Johnny looked around and noticed that the rest of the Cobra Kai were filtering back into the gym with Stacy and Arlo Kansas, a black student dressed in a movie production quality Spider man costume.  

“Get bent Johnny.”  Ali said, as she turned and walked back into the building to find Stacey.  To no surprise, Ali found Stacey in the hallway off of the gym near the girls locker room pressed up against the wall, Bobby Brown’s skeleton makeup now half smeared on Stacey’s face.    

“Let’s go Stacey, Cliff is driving us home.” Shrieked Ali  

“Now Stacey!” Ali implored, as she dragged Stacey from Bobby’s grip.  

Stacey and Ali walked out of the front door of the school and got into a late model convertible piloted by Cliff Sampson, a third string Quarterback on the J.V. 

“You guys coming?””   Dutch asked holding an extremely small marijuana cigarette. 

Dutch had pulled his full sized Ford Escort panel van up to Johnny and Bobby as they exited the school.  Johnny told Dutch to meet him and Bobby behind Le’ Chang’s House of the Orient just two blocks away.  Johnny and Bobby pulled into the lot behind Dutch who had already started smoking the joint he had brandished minutes earlier in the school parking lot.  Bobby exited Johnny’s vehicle and stood between his driver’s door and the driver’s door of Dutch’s vehicle.   

“So what was that shit all about” Dutch asked 

“What, Ali? Fuck her, I am tired of her ass anyway, whatever. 

“And now, now we’re going to have to deal with Sensei.”  Johnny said as he looked on 

Dutch, I’m gonna tell Sensei that we were jumped, not just jumped, but ambushed. Maybe tell him that we were set up.” 

“Well if you ask me I think we should call the cops?”   Bobby added 

“And tell them what, that we got beat up by a fat little Japanese guy who’s a super ninja wasting his awesome karate training as a janitor in shithole apartment complex?”  Johnny scoffed. 

“Yeah I guess you’re right John.”  

“Of course I’m right.”    

As Bobby took a hard pull of pinner, he began to relax.   

“You know what’s fucked up John?” 

“What Bob?”    

“Larusso had a pretty interesting costume.” 

“What!”     Johnny said

“Dude, Bob, what is your fucking obsession with Larusso?  Why were you being such a bitch when we trying to do some awesome Karate moves on him?” 

“He’s had enough, Johnny!”    Dutch said in a mocking tone as he imitated Bobby. 

“I’m just saying Johnny, I felt bad for him being the new kid and having a Jersey accent an all. Plus it didn’t help that he shit his pants at the beach when you kicked him.”  

“Dude you’re gay as balls.”    Dutch laughed 

“Fuck you Dutch!”  Bobby snapped 

“Whatever Bobby”  Dutch said with a smirk on his face. 

Bobby took a final puff on the joint before handing it to Dutch 

Bobby walked through the parking lot of the restaurant to a large row of shrubs to take a piss.  With Bobby out of ear shot, Dutch handed Johnny Lawrence the joint. 

“Dude I can’t stand Bob,   John.”  

“I mean I know you and I are both all about showing our enemies no mercy and stuff but he’s a punk. Plus, the other day in gym class I saw him looking at Tommy’s ass while he was feathering his hair.” 

“Shut up Dutch!” Said Johnny  

Johnny and Dutch were still laughing when Bobby returned from his piss.   

“What’s so funny?” said Bobby.  Johnny and Dutch just continued to laugh.  

Johnny, Bobby, and Dutch sat in the lot behind the Chinese restaurant for a another half of an hour or so finishing off the Dutch’s joint before sharing a can of Oldstyle beer that Dutch found under the passenger seat of his mother’s Ford.  Johnny and Dutch gave each other a high five before Dutch pulled his mother’s vehicle from the lot.  

Act 3

Two snoozes after 9:00 a.m., Johnny Lawrence rolled out of bed and headed for the shower.  As he walked past a full length mirror at the end of the hallway he was reminded of the ass beating he suffered at the hands of the olive skinned avenger from the night before. Both his right elbow and right shoulder were as tender as was his rib cage.  John wondered why beating up Daniel Larusso made him look like such an asshole to Ali.  It seemed fairly obvious to Johnny that Daniel would never leave well enough alone and was going to continue to be a pain in his ass.  Johnny’s mind quickly drifted from Daniel to a more pressing issue, scoring a pair of Steve Perry tickets for him and Jimmy Deluca.  After a long shower, and a hot oil treatment, Johnny grabbed his back pack and headed out for the Cobra Kai Dojo. As Johnny opened to door of the Cobra Kai dojo, he was met by owner and proprietor John Kreese.  

John Kreese was a, “take no bullshit” type of guy who Johnny both idolized and feared.  It was lore among the Kai that Kreese was a pure savage during his 3 consecutive tours of Viet Nam.  Kreese was a United States Army Green Barrett and let everyone know it.   

The Dojo was decorated with black and white photographs of Kresse and his Green Barrett pals in every corner of North Viet Nam.  In March of 1974 John Kreese returned to the United States a civilian.  He had seen his share of blood.  There was absolutely no other choice for Kreese but to open up his own dojo and build an army of spoiled rich pre-teen killers in his likeness. 

Kreese grabbed John Lawrence’s chin with his right hand.  Pulling John’s face toward his own.

“Mr. Lawrence, just what in the fuck happened to you and your pals last night.” 

It was obvious to John Lawrence that Kresse had already interrogated Bobby, Jimmy, Tommy, or Dutch if not all of them and it was imperative that his story matched.  Before he could speak, Kreese changed the grip of his right hand shoving Johnny against a trophy case, holding him there by his throat.   

“Mr. Lawrence, am I to believe that my students were handed their asses by one man.”  Kreese released his grip on Johnny’s throat causing him to fall to the floor gasping for air.   

“Sensei,” Johnny cried out as he scrambled to his feet. 

“This guy wasn’t just some old man, he was a one man wrecking crew.  He came out of nowhere and before we could react he was delivering reverse punches to both Tommy and Bobby.  After that, the rest was a blur.  Sensei we were lucky to get away with our lives.  It’s all because of this little shit that’s trying to move in on my girl.”   

“Mr. Lawrence, I am going to give you a tip, don’t bring you’re excuses to this dojo. If I ever catch you showing mercy again you will have to answer to me.  Now get your ass changed and lead the class in their forms.  

“Yes Sensei.”  Johnny barked out in militant fashion as he brought himself to attention.  Johnny then quickly disappeared into the locker room to change. 

With his belt tied tight and his hair carefully restrained beneath his headband, Johnny Lawrence exited the locker and took control of the class.  It wasn’t 10 minutes before Johnny heard the sound of a bell that was attached to the door to the dojo chime.  He couldn’t believe it, Daniel Larusso and his ninja friend were now on Cobra Kai turf and here in his dojo. Johnny Lawrence knew there would be no mercy for either of them.