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February 12, 2018

Jessica Biel, Chelsea Handler and Rob Huebel get sex positive in these hilarious videos.

Would you rather take out the trash than have sex with your significant other? Do you avoid talking about your vagina because you think it’s taboo? Has it been more than 365 days since you’ve treated yourself to a masturbation?

If you answered “yes,” do yourself a kindness and watch these videos (if you answered “no,” you’re lying, which means you should also watch these videos).

The Tryst Network brings you a three-part video series starring Jessica Biel, Chelsea Handler and Rob Huebel, that will cause you to piss your pants with laughter, and will make you want to open up when it comes to talking about sex, relationships and your body.

Here are some of our favorite moments!

In the first video, Chelsea Handler walks in on Jessica Biel as she’s examining her vagina in the mirror, leading the women to describe their vaginas to each other in the funniest of ways.

Chelsea is slightly vaguer about what her vagina looks like.

Vagina 1.jpg

Jessica’s description, however, is so specific that you’re actually left with a perfect mental image of what it looks like. So specific, you’ll never look at Burt Reynolds in the same way.

Vagina 2.jpg

The second video, ‘Date Night,’ features Jessica Biel and Rob Huebel as a couple that knows how to spend an evening apart.

It’s starts off with them planning a date night…

date night1.jpg

But they go their separate ways for an evening full of self-pleasure.

date night 2.jpg

In the final video,‘Kitchen Talk,’ Jessica Biel and Rob Huebel play a couple that doesn’t hold back when it comes to talking about what they like in the sac.

Here’s what she likes…. It’s hard to picture, but give it a try.

Kitchen Talk 1.jpg

And here’s what he likes…. Which, well, to each their own.


See the videos here: