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August 25, 2008



1) She’s secretly thrilled because this will be a good excuse for her to go on a loud, crazy, expletive filled rant on her reality show.

2) Claims that she’s also pregnant and that it was her idea first.

3) She will fight for custody of this baby too.

4) Like any self-respecting crazy ex-wife Denise will train the daughters she had with Sheen to hate their new half-sibling.

5) Declared “I’m not jealous because I happen to know that the only way Charlie can get an erection is if he imagines hate fucking me so….”

6) If it’s a boy she’ll show him her 2004 Playboy spread just to fuck with him.

7) Sobbed, “Remember when HE was a creep and I was considered wholesome? What the fuck happened?”

8) Reminded everyone that Charlie has had sex with hundreds of tranny hookers so Brooke shouldn’t, “feel special”.

9) Predicted their marriage wont last through the second trimester because Charlie hates fat chicks.

10) Released voicemail of Charlie saying babies are dumb ni***r c*nts.