Hurricane Sandy forced many New York-based shows to cancel their tapings Monday - and understandably so - but the two that didn't were David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon. But since New York was a ghost town, they went ahead and did them without audiences. The results were a bit jarring, but fantastic nonetheless. 

We couldn't embed the intro here, but be sure to check out the opening to Letterman's show, which was Dave at his best. 

Here he is running through the monologue he would have done: 

And the Top Ten list, filled with technical difficulties. 

Fallon took a different approach, performing his monologue with the energy he normally would. But instead of laughter, he's greeted with shots of the empty audience.  

This isn't the first time a talk show has gone audience-free. Craig Ferguson has so on occasion, resulting in a podcast-like environment, but in general his show often has a more intimate vibe. Seeing Letterman and Fallon firing off zingers to no one in the midst of a devastating event led to two of the more memorable shows in some time.