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August 19, 2009


I don't want to be rude here. We all have bodies, we're all human and imperfect. No need to judge others for the figures they end up having through biological inclination and personal lifestyle. Who am I to say what attractive is? One person's trash is another person's dinner, my great grandfather used to say! But sweet baby Jesus Aretha, are you out of your mind? Are you unaware of the fact that all that stands between you and boobs to the wind are slim strands of silk? And that your pearls are being eaten by your remarkably large, exposed chest? And that you are basically topless even with that dress that's struggling to stay intact? When most people name their body parts it seems childish and silly, but for you, gracious, it seems only appropriate - more appropriate, I might add, than what you are wearing.

But you know what? Seriously. You go for it Aretha Franklin, if Britney Spears can go on Letterman in a bikini and Lady GaGa can wear a nude leotard, well, everywhere, certainly you can wear that breast sling to the Grammy's.

Logline for this photo of Aretha Franklin:
Looks like that was one bra that stayed burned.