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November 07, 2013

With Blockbuster Video shutting its doors, let's look back at the fallen video store behemoth. And remember the good times.

With Blockbuster Video shutting its doors, I'd like to look back at the fallen video store behemoth and remember the good times. Below are my 16 favorite memories. 

  1. Going to a Blockbuster, not knowing what I wanted to rent, and just exploring. The possibilities and VHS covers were endless!
  2. Breaking out that Blockbuster Card. Felt like I was part of an exclusive club. 
  3. Discovering that old classic I never new existed.
  4. When the Blockbuster opened in my neighborhood and immediately put the local video rental place out of business. 
  5. Twizzlers!
  6. When I saw the owner of “Take 5 Video,” the independent video store that built up years of loyal customers and was a fixture in our community, working the checkout lane at CVS a year after Blockbuster came to town. 
  7. He was crying.
  8. While ringing someone up who was just buying toiletries or something.
  9. It was real weird.
  10. When “Home Alone 2” came out on video and everyone lined up outside Blockbuster to rent it.
  11. When I didn’t return “Home Alone 2” for like 3 weeks. I had to pay like 15 dollars in late fees, but I just didn’t care. 
  12. I saw him some years later. The fact of the matter is I don’t even remember his name. Just his smiling face as he introduced me to what would become my favorite movies. Anyway, he was on the bus when I saw him. Had a lot of garbage bags overflowing with his belongings. He was smiling that day, too, but at nobody in particular. He looked at me and laughed when I got off at my stop. I don’t recall anything particularly funny happening though.
  13. That iconic blue and yellow Blockbuster case. It’s a symbol of my childhood and I’ll never forget it. 
  14. Recently, I read about him in the newspaper. Though next to his picture they just called him “local vagrant.” It was a profile about him living in the park with the pigeons and befriending small children. 
  15. Oh wait, I’m thinking of “Home Alone 2.” My childhood memories are blurring together as I age. That article was about how he was arrested after screaming obscenities at a RedBox machine outside a CVS and kicking it until it fell over. So, you know, all’s well that ends well. 
  16. When Blockbuster finally started carrying video games!