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March 22, 2011

A study of the stereotypical blog and why we love it.

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Have you ever thought about the question I am posing in this sentence?  THIS ALL CAPS EXCLAMATION CONFIRMS THAT YOU HAVE!  Now that I’ve appealed to a generalization almost everyone can relate to and inserted some unnecessary ellipses I can ask another question… Does this slight twist on the original thought heighten your interest even further?  I sure hope so, because I can’t think of anything else to something-something.  End. On.  Epic. Sentence. Fragments.

1.  Meme of Celebrity In a Movie He/She Wasn’t In

How’d you get in that blockbuster, much talked-about celebrity doing something uncharacteristically silly?


2.  Politically Incorrect Advertisement From the 1960s

Now that there’s no more sexism in advertising, we find this amusing.

3.  Dog Doing Something That Makes It Look Like a Person

Who let the dogs/dawgs/doggs out? (Default dog photo caption.)


4.  Moment From Beloved Television Show That We Can All Agree is Hilarious

Hahahaha! We all think this show is awesome and recall this moment fondly, right? Right…


5. Webster

This is a lolz’d photo of Webster and we laugh at it.


My name is t.j. and very few blogs have a sign off.

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