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Published November 11, 2010
Hairstyles vary according to current trends and styles, especially when our favorite celebrities are seen honing a particular style it tempts us to imitate the same in no time. With the end of the current year and the start of the new one, a joyous vibe spontaneously spreads in the hearts of many. This energy is characterized by a lot of color and bright hues that epitomize hope and prosperity. Hair accessories bring about a big makeover to the face and the overall personality. This season you can go floral with huge chunky floral clips that usually are seen worn during weddings or in Hawaiian beaches.

Flower clips add a lot of charm and elegance and eons of feminine glory to your persona. Many women in corporate offices need to rely on subtle hair clips and accessories that reflect modest fashion statements; of course the ones in the fashion industry are not included in this category. It is only in the holiday season that one gets to experiment with vibrant colors and hues and even bling on hair accessories and hair clips. Leaving the curly or wavy locks open with a side partition and an immaculate-looking flower barrette pin up clip at the edge of your ear is a look that promises to remain hot and chic this season.

In fact, it is these flower barrettes that can give an instant lift to the fashion quotient of the outfit you wear. Hair clips and accessories that are jeweled with beads, stones and flower imitations give you versatility in the way you wear your hair and offer a plethora of options to tie a part of your hair up and leave the other half falling down beautifully on your shoulders.

Fashion editorials and fashion related TV shows can be a great inspiration for you to get just the right look this holiday season. Moreover, you can create your own unique styles and be the topic of discussion in a family gathering or a dinner party with friends. The best part about using hair clips and flower barrettes is they blend exceptionally well with all kind of hair textures and hair lengths.

If you closely notice, most celebrities who are in their mid 40’s wear funky hair clips with flowers and bling and look much youthful and enchanting. With a big hair accessory to define your facial contour, you needn’t even wear any ear or neck jewelry, these attractive hair clips alone suffice to add charm and eons of style to your outfit. Sparkling headbands and realistic looking flower barrettes would add an essential suave twist to your personal style. Hair dos can change instantly by either wearing them up or down with these hair clips. The size and color of the hair clip depends whether you are going for a formal or a casual look.     These mesmerizing and stylish hair accessories and flower barrettes are sure to sweep your boyfriends or husbands off their feet and fall under your charm spell instantly.