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June 06, 2009


An email I got from Michael Moore:

<<This Is It! World Premiere of 'Capitalism: A Love Story' Tonight ...a message from Michael Moore Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Tonight, at the Venice Film Festival, I will premiere my new movie, "Capitalism: A Love Story." After 16 months of production, I am proud to present this work of mine to you. It is unlike anything you'll see on the silver screen this year.

Twenty years ago this week I premiered my first film, "Roger & Me." Tonight, my new film will premiere at the oldest film festival in the world, the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy. It is an incredible honor they've bestowed on us, and we feel very privileged to be able to present "Capitalism: A Love Story" tonight in Venice.  The director of the festival said that our movie was "incredibly symphonic" and that he was moved by its epic nature. Jeez, these Italians! Everything's an opera to them!

But seriously, I do believe we've made something that will knock your socks off. I showed it to a friend of mine last week and he said, "It's your most dangerous film yet." (But I assure you, you'll be completely safe watching it in your local theater.) ...

So wish us well tonight. We'll be home soon to open the movie all across the country (September 23rd in New York and L.A., October 2nd everywhere else). ..

Michael Moore    P.S. If you haven't seen the new trailer for the movie, check it out. >>

The School of Art and Art History is proud to present Pixar: A Design Story a lecture by Jay Shuster, art director for Pixar Animation Studios, at 3 p.m., on Thursday, Sept. 3, at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, Norman, OK. This lecture is free and open to the public; seating is limited.

Dead Center film festival coming up this week in Oklahoma City. June 10-14. The founder of TROMA will be there as well as several VIPs with current sitcoms. Plus LOTS MORE!!!

Also, "Barking Water" opened in Tulsa. It will show in Oklahoma City soon. My friend Richard Ray Whitman stars in it. GO SEE IT!!!