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October 07, 2008


Is it a coincidence now that Sarah Palin can see, momitor, spy on, have coffee with and wink at her neighbors, I get this in my e-mail?

Moscow Property LLC . Interested in your Resume on CareerBuilder.com

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 11:08 AM
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Good news , Job-Seeker

   Moscow Property LLC offering  you  a good  part-time Job . We're  glad to
inform ,  that we have looked through your resume  on 
CareerBuilder.com  website and it  corresponds to our requirements. Our company 
Moscow-Property LLC.  at the this 
time  require workers in the  US . Just  Start working with us today , all  you
need is to be 
US  Resident  and  the opportunity of checking your email account  at least
twice  per  day . It could even be a  part-time  Job .  Your income will depend on your 
speed and accuracy of  completing our 

This is a business requiring only about 3-4 hours of your free time  per  week   
You  have  to  be over 20 years old                                                       
Your salary starts from  $750 per  week     
No money needed to start  working

Benefits of working for our company:
Possibility to combine with the main job

The vacancy is valid for US residents only ,
If you are interested in this offer and are looking for more details of the job, write at   
Regards ,   Tim  Anderson

While it is nice to know I conform to their job requirenments, if the only qualification is to check e mail 2X per day, they're not being real picky. Are the 'tranactions' really that hard? Can I not use a calculator and Excel if I need to?

While 3-4 hours per week at $750 per week is an attorney's hourly rate, I'm concerned about the only benefit being able to combine with the 'main job'. I guess dealing drugs and conducting Russian transactions does make some sense and allow me quality time volunteering at the Senior Center.
And I didn't know the name "Anderson' was Russian!

Anyone have the balls to send them a message and get the details?